Friday, June 6, 2008

Popcorn all round at F.E.S. NZ underground lair

Oh what a fantastic night we had last Sunday!!
Nathanial got the microwave pop-corn on his way home, we turned the lights down low (not to save energy of course) and the Flat Earthers were treated to a televisual feast of scientific truth. It was a bit like the good old days when we would get together and watch a good old fashioned witch burning. *sigh*

We at the Flat Earth Society think that the Great Global Warming Swindle is the best film ever made!

We completely support the guy from Newstalk ZB's Climate Science Research Unit - what's his name - Layman Smith? He has had such a long history of climate research and expertise - he has a website after all.

And we KNOW there is a conspiracy - in fact we have been trying to get the Climate Science Coalition to be our friends. Like us, they believe that there is a global government and scientific conspiracy against them.

We've had a bit more history in this regard, but our experience only goes to show that if these sort of conspiracies continue, they become fact.

We hold out our hands in friendship.

Nathanial Pipe-Blower,
Tzar and 33rd Degree Grand Wizard Master
The first inverted Pancake Lodge
Totally Awesone Flat Earth Society Ltd.

P.S. the following videos showing what appears to be Martin Durkin; the maker of 'the swindle' are a load of fake bollox. Clearly, this isn't Durkin at all but a cybernetic replica manufactured and enslaved by crazed IPCC scientists. Our Flat Earth research team noticed tiny robotic-like twitches around Robo-Durkin's beady bio-mechanical eyes. See for yourself.


Anonymous said...

What's the name of the reporter who interviewed Durkin? I'd like to know!

-- bi, International Journal of Inactivism

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tony jones

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Anonymous said...

You lot are absolute bell ends.

Anonymous said...

You thick cuntoids.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify things, the Flat Earth Society is an extremely serious and scientifically solid organisation. A candle in the wind of contemporary ignorance, shining a light of truth in a world held captive beneath the shadow of NASA and the IPCC.

Marjun said...

Click my name you have redirected to the youtube video that earth is not flat it is egg-shaped.

Humaun Kabir said...

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